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Jamey Kaufman

JMK With Clients Every Step Of The Way


By Janee Law

Clients won’t feel stressed with JMK Financial Group, Inc., by their side. The boutique mortgage company works one-to-one with clients to the very end, from the initial research and loan application to closing and beyond.

“We’re in this together,” Jamey Kaufman, founder and president of the company, said. “I make sure that me and my customer are on the same page with what their objective is and we discuss any potential hurdles or obstacles in order to make the process as smooth as possible, and also to have nothing unexpected happen. They’re never in the dark.”

As a mortgage brokerage, Kaufman said his company works on the wholesale side of the mortgage industry.
“That allows me to cherry pick the lending partners that I want to be in business with and by doing so I’m able to serve my customer base really well, both with extremely competitive terms but also great customers service,” Kaufman, 47, of Huntington, said.

With a handful of parties that come together to get a loan closed, Kaufman said, along with handling the mortgage financing, he coordinates with the banks attorney office, the real estate agents, and the title company.

Starting the business in 2004, Kaufman said he was inspired to after experiencing the process of buying a home in New York himself in early 2000.

“It was just a nightmare and I just figured that it could be done better,” he said. “When buying a home in New York, there’s so many parties involved and such a mix of complex guidelines that having someone that knows the business really well like I do would’ve been a huge help. It would’ve been that one other thing I didn’t have to stress out about as a perspective buyer so now I serve that purpose.”

The company originally opened in Plainview and then moved to Jericho before landing its current 23 Green Street location in Huntington village five years ago.

Kaufman said when he became a Huntington resident 13 years ago he and his family “grew to love all that this amazing town offers.  It made perfect sense to move my office to the village and be even more connected to this wonderful community.”

After graduating from University of Maryland, Kaufman said he fell into a mortgage company position and connected with the field.

The best part about the job, Kaufman said is the relationships he has developed with his customer base.

“I don’t think there’s one person that I’ve closed a loan with that I don’t remember them or the type of loan that they did,” he said. “I don’t take for granted the trust and confidence they have in sharing with me their situation. It’s not just about giving me proof of income and trying to figure out if they qualify, there’s emotion that goes along with that. From the very beginning I make sure they understand that I know the position they’re in and that I’m here to help.”

Kaufman is licensed as a loan originator in New York and Florida, and is looking to branch out and become licensed in New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut.


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