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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages to using a mortgage broker?

While the average homeowner might need a mortgage only once or twice in their lifetime, mortgage brokers work in the loan industry every day—this expertise allows brokers to provide a high level of service that’s tailored specifically to their customers’ needs. Using a broker also gives a borrower a clear view into what is involved in getting a loan; there’s no red tape to unfurl, as a good broker personally handles each aspect of the transaction. Working with a broker gives clients tremendous flexibility that allows any issues to be addressed before they become problems or impediments. And while it’s a broker’s job to search for the most competitive terms, they have the advantage of seeing the market in its entirety; brokers study trends, are familiar with all types of mortgage products available, and can compare rates from a large pool of lenders.

What makes JMK Financial stand out?

Through his decade in the mortgage industry, JMK Financial’s President Jamey Kaufman has learned a tremendous amount about the financing and home-buying process and its many nuances, and applies his deep knowledge for each client’s benefit. Jamey has built a network of trusted lending partners that share his values and work ethic, and these professionals are continually assessed to ensure they are the most competitive, in terms of rates and customer service. Jamey’s dedication and advocacy has helped him establish long, ongoing relationships with his clients, and has also allowed him build a business drawn primarily from referrals. Last, Jamey is personally involved each part of the financing process to make sure there are no glitches, delays, or surprises; Jamey sweats the details so his clients don’t have to.

Do I pay more for the high level of service JMK Financial provides?

In a word, no! Custom, comprehensive service is our philosophy, and this is how we work with every client, day in and day out.

How can I be sure I’ll get the big picture, in terms of how much money I will need?

At JMK we work with our clients to prepare them for everything they should expect in the financing process, from the down payment and bank fees to each applicable closing cost (attorneys, title search, recording charges, and more). Jamey provides a detailed breakdown of all anticipated costs, and walks clients through each piece to explain what the fees represent and if any are subject to change. Jamey works hard to make sure that his clients have the clearest, most realistic picture of their loan, and how much money will be necessary at each step so they can plan ahead. Jamey’s goal is to inform his clients so completely that when they walk into their closing, absolutely nothing is a surprise.